28 September 2007

Feelin' the Tourist Love

I know that I'm supposed to complain about the tourists in D.C. (After all, they do stand to the left on the escalators.) But I just can't. They are too adorable. My favorite thing about them is how cluelessly they operate the Metro farecard machines. Given that I have a SmarTrip card, I only use the machines at most twice a month. In addition, because I have a SmarTrip card, it means that I am frequently waiting for a machine to open, as not all machines accommodate the cards. So every time I need to add dollars to my card, it is my secret wish that some clueless tourists will be befuddled while trying to get to their destination. Today my wish came true.

As I went to add my MetroChek dollars today (thanks for the transit subsidy Uncle Sam!), I stood behind a couple who was clearly lost. Upon realizing that I was waiting (patiently, I will add...why would I want to hurry back to work?), they explained in their adorable British accents (my favorite of all the accents!) that they were having a hard time using the machine. I asked them where they wanted to go, figured out how much their round-trip ticket was going to be, made sure they were buying separate tickets for each passenger, and then they completed the transaction.

After the woman finished buying her farecard, the man made sure I wasn't going anywhere in case he needed help. I assured him I wasn't, but as the machines really aren't that difficult, they were able to purchase his card without much help from me.

This experience made my day. It made me wish I could have a job standing at the farecard machines making sure the cute tourists got what they needed. I would love it. And I would be great at it.


Niederfam said...

I love it, and am reminded of the time I FRANTICALLY worried about operating the BART system in SF while visiting my friend, far far away from the comforts of suburbia. I LOVE to travel and I LOVE to go new places, but I LOVE to have my hubby there to tag me along like I tow my kiddos along!!! Thanks for sharing the story, I'm sure they'll call home tonight and tell their kin about a lovely girl who helped them on their way in DC today!!!! Good Karma comin back at you!!!

emily said...

quit your job and do it - set up a "donation" can next to ya.

linda said...

love this story. love that you were happy to help and weren't irritated. i can learn from you!

holly said...

yes, much more pleasant helping cute lost tourists especially if they have accents.