16 October 2007

Last Names

I don't necessarily hate my married name, but I definitely don't love it either. Before getting married, I had a last name that was generally mis-pronounced and certainly misspelled. My new last name was, in my opinion, just a lateral move as it is also mis-pronounced and misspelled. My sister, however, definitely "traded up" when she got married, as did my friend Carrie. I feel that my poor cousin Natalie went down the last name ladder. Her married name is definitely harder to spell and far less common than our previous names. (Feel free to disagree Nat!)

I've posted before about how I wish that I had at least thought about keeping my old last name after getting married. C, however, is glad that I didn't because who knows what the outcome would have been. But I have been giving this last name business a lot of thought lately. Does the Mullet have to have my (our) last name? Can we give it something entirely different? If so, I have a couple of ideas. First, "Lickliter." I love love LOVE the way this sounds. Second, "Powers." Think of the things you can do with this. Any child would be a shoe-in for class president with a last name like this. And finally, my favorite, "Sugarbaker." For obvious reasons.


nckuhn said...

I was retarded for not just taking KT's last name instead of keeping mine. Harris would definately have been an upward movement. So upward infact, it's dizzying. Instead I brought her down at that dizzying rate.

Niederfam said...

HILARIOUS....my vote is for Sugarbaker, and umm...no wories, most people agree I did in fact move DOWN on the scale.....:)

emily said...

you're weird. funny, but definitely weird too.