04 September 2007

Pugs Just Want to Have Fun

After having Bruno for four months, we were at last able to take him to the "Rockville Pug Meet-Up." What is the Rockville Pug Meet-Up, you ask? It's a chance for pug owners in our area to get our pugs together. C and I have known about this monthly ever since adopting Bruno, but due to schedule conflicts, we hadn't been able to attend one yet. Until Saturday.

And Saturday's event lived up to our greatest expectations. At the busiest, we think there were 35-40 pugs. Just think of it. 35-40 little smashed-nosed dogs snorting and running and sniffing each others' butts. It was awesome. Simply awesome.

Now for a fun pug party quiz! See how many pugs you can find in each picture. They get harder as they go.

Pug Quiz #1:

Click here to find the answer.

Pug Quiz #2:

Click here to find the answer.

Pug Quiz #3:

Click here to find the answer.


emily said...

LOVE IT! i want a pug!

nice quiz by the way!

Megan said...

Very fun. You missed one in the 2nd photo. There is a lady on the left (surrounded by all the black pugs) holding a fawn pug. I'm amazed at all the ones in the 3rd picture. I bet Bruno had a great time.

linda said...

I have to be honest. This frightens me just a little bit.

erin said...

thanks megan! i thought i counted 10 once, but couldn't find the rogue 10th! good eyes!

i mean...you're right! i did it on purpose. i was seeing which of my readers would find the hiding pug. too bad i have no prize for you.

Megan said...

I'll put in an order for a prize. I would love some of those cute place mats you made. I've been meaning to ask you how you made them. If nothing else, I'd love the instructions.

holly said...

what a fun event! I think I'd be scared of getting my pup mixed up, but I guess you wouldn't lose your child at a playground full of kids, would you??