10 August 2007

Who ARE These People?

You may wonder about the other blogs that I read (see side bar). Here’s a brief introduction to these people who keep me busy:

Made by e: This is simply another blog that I created where I can post pictures of projects that I have been working on. Currently, I am working on TONS of things (Christmas is only five months away people!), but none of which is finished. After spending so much time on Etsy lately, I've decided my photo skills need work.

The Foodees: The blog kept by my sister and me where we (along with a lot of help from a lot of friends) post YUMMY recipes. You should check it out.

Em and boys: My lovely sister. Wife to one, mother to two boys, and soon-to-be-mother to a little girl, Grassy. And yes, she's got a new blog name in the works, but until Grassy arrives, the name will be a mystery, simply because Grassy's name is a mystery. If she lived closer, my life would consist of NON-STOP sewing parties, running fun races, and eating good food. Plus, I'd get to spend more time with my nephews (and niece!).

A and R: R is a loooong-time (10 years this summer) friend. (Am I old enough to have friends for that long?) If she was a boy, I would have married her before A got a chance. She’s that cool. Luckily for A, I like him too. R recently gave birth to little I. He couldn't be cuter. (A godmother can't be biased, can she?!)

Chicago Vauses: A roommate from my fifth year in college. She and her husband live in Chicago while husband goes to graduate school. She has two adorable little boys.

The Eb Blog: Todd was a friend of mine from my freshman year (12 years ago!) while in the dorms at the U. He went on a mission, came back, and went to BYU (but I forgave him). While there, he married his lovely wife Deanna. You'll see Deanna post a lot of excellent recipes on the Foodees. (P.S. The statement about forgiving Todd for going to BYU is a complete joke. I really couldn't care less about the animosity I, as a Ute, am supposed to feel for any Cougar.)

Cousin Natalie: Natalie is my cousin, duh. She blogs about her two sons and her husband while living in Utah. If only my other cousins would follow her example. I might actually know what's going on with them.

Megan: This is a friend of my sister. I knew her a little bit because she was once roommates with Emily, but now I know her a lot bit because of the blogosphere.

Melissamerica: This is a friend of R’s, whom I know a little bit. But she’s an excellent writer, and it’s fun to read her stuff...when she actually writes.

Ambular: Another friend of R’s. Like Melissamerica, I enjoy keeping her with her.

Camie: She's not only a roommate from olden days, but also a good friend. And now that she doesn't live so close, I'm sure I'll see her more. (Why is that?!)

Gretchen: Interestingly enough, I've never actually lived with G. Maybe that's why we're such great friends? Shrug. I've never been on a gay vacation without her. Please read her blog; she needs a new job, and I really think this blogging could be it.

Linda: One of my (many) in-laws. Unfortunately for you, her blog is private. Fortunately for me, I've been invited to read it.

NC Kuhns: Daniel and Katie are friends that C and I know from our singles ward days. You may have seen Daniel in a Discovery Channel special on mortuary school. You think I'm kidding. I'm not. (And how about this one?)

Ruth: She's a friend of Camie's. But now she's my friend thanks to the blogosphere, again. (How did people make friends before the internet?)

Dooce: The actual reason for this post. Daniel (of the NCKuhns) asked why I have her here because apparently he sees no value in her blog. I, however, think she's intelligent and funny. My mom saw an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about her once and I've been following her ever since.

FMH: A blog I found some time ago. Although certainly Mormon and a housewife with a full-time job, I don't think I really consider myself a feminist (although I still wonder why I changed my last name--does this a feminist make?), I enjoy reading this. I like forcing C talk to me about the daily topics.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Niederfam said...

Nice bios............I agree, I feel like I know more about people now, than I ever did seeing them a few times in "real" life. You included. Pity eh???

Gretchen said...

Hey e, thanks for the PR! And I'm so excited for Emily's little girl! (And relieved that her name wasn't actually Grassy ... yet.)

Amber said...

I've been following the Dooce blog ever since I noticed it on your sidebar. I love it.

emily said...

that was great for me b/c i keep forgetting how you are connected to all those people - so thanks!

and, yes, i really enjoy reading the Dooce blog, too. i find her a really great writer (yes, some things way are way too crude) and i can really relate to a lot of her experiences with her little girl - her girl is like a month oldest than my oldest boy. anyways.

i check all the blogs and enjoy reading them all!

holly said...

great re-cap. I like what you said about cousins who blog. 2 or 3 of mine (that I know of) have started recently and I've really enjoyed actually knowing what's going on with them.

Anonymous said...

If Em is a mother to two boys, I don't think she's a husband at all.

(You wrote, "My lovely sister. Husband to one, mother to two boys, and soon-to-be-mother to a little girl, Grassy.")

erin said...

good catch anonymous! i'll fix it ASAP.