02 July 2007

HELP! (part 2)

Some time ago, I was getting yummy French toast breakfast at Eastern Market (this was actually the Saturday before it was destroyed by fire). At the flea market across the street, there was a vendor selling framed stamps. Being the re-creative person that I am (you can see other things that I re-created here), I thought, “Why pay $15 for this when I can make it for way cheaper?!” But before I make a few of these, I want to make sure that I know exactly what I'm going to do with them. So I created a mock-up of what they would look like: framed stamps in a white mat. Of course, there are many different stamps that I can use, some of my favorites being the quilts, crops, Muppets, lighthouses, and American wonders.

But here’s the problem, once I frame a couple of these, where do I put them? How many should I frame? Are the stamps too small to be seen on a wall? How would you organize these on the wall (randomly, in a line)? In which room should I put them (bedroom, bathroom, hallway, kitchen)? I like them too much to ignore their possibilities, but just can't figure out what, exactly, to do with them.


Megan said...

Very cute idea, but I do agree that they might be a bit small. Have you ever thought of scanning them and then blowing them up. I know they wouldn't be the real stamp then, but then you could see them better. I think the stamp depends on where you put them. Like the crops one would definitely go in the kitchen, but others would be fun in different places in the house. Can't wait to see the finished project.

holly said...

If I remember correctly, some of the more decorative stamps are part of a larger background or setting. The first powered flight is one example. The series of wildlife in America was similar and very pretty.

Or you could order some of the first day covers that might allow for more creative placement or at least more visual appeal for the eye.

I think if you had a bunch of 4x6 frames or something small like that all arranged on a hallway or bedroom wall so you could stand close and see the stamps it would totally work.

I love stamps. I have a bunch I've tucked away over the years and should really put them on display, too. This is a fun idea. A stamp collecting website might have some good ideas, too. good luck!

emily said...

you could maybe do like 4 complimenting stamps per frame?

Eva said...

I like emily's idea plus a small picture should be in a small room. I vote bathroom.