29 June 2007


I need help with two things. First, I am really bored at work. So if anyone has any projects for me that don’t include crafts or cooking (I can’t easily do these things at work and still look like I’m actually working) send them my way. I’m serious. Anything. Projects for me or projects for you. You need a fancy spreadsheet created?! Allow me! You want me to create an electronic copy of your recipes, just send me the copies and I’ll do it. Honest. I’m not kidding, just that bored.

Second, I am turning 30 in a few short weeks (!) and can’t decide how to celebrate. I have no idea why I am having such a hard time with this. We were initially going to go to NYC, but I waited too long and couldn’t get reservations at the cheap place. Then, I found an affordable inn in West Virginia to which I’ve never been, near some four-season resorts and state parks. But for some reason, I’m dragging my feet in getting a reservation. So here’s the deal: we have $500 and a three-day weekend. What to do?! I thought about flying to Charleston or Savannah, but then slapped my forehead and said “Duh” quite loudly. Me, below the 38th parallel in August?? Suuure, that’s gonna happen. Then Boston came to mind, but I can’t imagine that it’s affordable. Plus, it’s probably very busy this time of year and I generally try to eschew crowds. Another thought was Niagara Falls, but after the initial “Ooooh,” while viewing said falls, what do you do next? Finally, I thought maybe I’ll just stay home, invite friends, have a BBQ, and go shopping with the leftover monies. But I just can’t decide! Any other suggestions of fun places to visit? Or fun things to do over that first weekend in August? Help!


holly said...

how about Maine? or Montreal? Quebec City? Have you "collected" all of the New England states yet? I still need NH, Maine and RI. Go north! Maybe an island lake in the North Woods.

Montreal is fun because there's enough French to feel like a "foreign" country but enough English to make it easy being a tourist. Really neat old buildings and history.

Quebec City (Ville de Quebec) is enchanting. It's the oldest city in North America and stunning how it sits on the St. Lawrence. The winding cobbled streets feel like Europe (though I've never actually been across the Atlantic). Less English here but more rustic feeling.

If it wasn't for a former mission comp being from Montreal, I wouldn't have made it to either place, but I'm glad I did!

Megan said...

Do not go to Niagra Falls! It is super crowded in the summer and so commercialized. I hate going there. I would go in the off season so you don't have all the people.
May I suggest amish country in Pennsylvania and while you are there going to Hershey to see where they make chocolate and have fun riding amusement park rides (if you are into that). It's a beautiful part of the country and worth a look. It's probably not too far from where you live and won't break the bank.
I'm a big fan of going to Canada, but think it might be a little far for the weekend.
Hope you figure something out. Have fun!!!

Niederfam said...

just a thought....do you really want to be "in charge" on your birthday and play hostess?? you may, and if so by all means let the BBQ begin, but if not something to think about. you should be pampered, and i'd take any and all chances to get away now without kiddos.........it's a WHOLE different world. Boston get's my vote, I'm sure you could do it on a budget!!!

erin said...

i appreciate all the comments made so far. i'm afraid any trip requiring a plane is going to be too much. after plane and two nights lodging, the $500 is gone.

holly, i love the idea of french canada! but see above note about planes. but this will be stored for future reference FOR SURE.

megan, we went to amish country last year. and you're right: it's super fun, i was just looking for something we haven't done.

linda said...

forget the traveling, with 500$ you should really do something fun and outrageous. like sky diving! 30 only happens once! or you and c should plan to visit 30 places in 3 days you have never been around the dc virginia area. could be fun. . .