15 April 2007

Worst Run EVER

Yesterday's run was, to date, the worst of the runs since joining our speed development program.

Badness #1: This run was a preview run of the 10K race for which we're training. We were going to run the race and then run it backwards for a total of 20K, or 12.4 miles. As we did 14 miles the week before, 12.4 miles would be a welcomed change. We started at the race start, a place C nor I had ever been. And seeing as it was a new place, we didn't find it so easily. C and I argued about the location, and I felt sure that that he wasn't listening to me since I have the better sense of direction, of course. (I'm sure it could be said that I was "criticizing or critiquing him." Sigh. I'm still working on that.) So I was a little bitter when we arrived. When I realized we were a couple of minutes late, I was slightly more bitter.

Badness #2: I don't typically drink anything when I run; I haven't quite mastered that technique. I guzzle when I should sip and then the water just sits in my stomach. It's bad news. But I have been getting some grief from those in my group that I should be drinking water during the long runs, so Saturday was my first day trying out my recently-purchased water belt. At the beginning of the race this water belt was extremely annoying. It was bouncy and irritating. Plus, it had to sit right on my waist, a very sacred place where nothing else ever sits. I was now really bitter. (I will admit that this did get better during the run. I didn't even overdrink.)

Badness #3: Here's the worst part of the entire run. At about mile 11.0, my feet got caught in a metal wire loop that I didn't see. I didn't even have a chance: I went down. First the knees (which were thankfully protected by long pants), then the palms of the hands, and then the chin. It hurt. It hurt really bad actually, but I was okay enough to finish the run. Not having a mirror close, I wasn't sure exactly how badly I had been hurt. And because my running partner wasn't C, I didn't feel like I could cry in front of her, although I really wanted to. But you better believe that as soon as I got in that car with C and used the mirror to check my wounds, I was a-cryin'.

Truly, it could have been much worse. I could have broken a jaw. I could have chipped a tooth. I could have busted a knee so that all this training was in vain. In truth, the worst part is that I'm a 29-year old with gravel in my palms and a skinned chin.


emily said...

i am glad that you are not smiling in the picture - if so i would not pity you as much as i do. :)

Camie said...

Ouch! That looks so painful, but it's kind of cool to have a battle wound...you are totally hardcore.

linda said...

ow ow ow! I agree with camie, you are hardcore. by the way, i am happy to see my craftiness is worthy of hanging in your home (I can see the crossstitch in the background)!

niederfam said...

This is reason enough for me to continue NOT TO RUN.....that never happens at the gym, I always know exactly what kind of pain I'll be in based on the machine I choose. OUCH!!! So sorry. But I'm glad you held in the tears until you could see if it was worth crying over.....:)

erin said...

oh yes, this is exactly why i don't run outside generally. these types of things do not happen at the gym.

and yep linda, cross-stitched colombia hangs proudly!

Gretchen said...

Ah, come on now, don't try to hide your true purpose with this sad story of running gone awry. If you wanted to post an "Up the nose" shot, you know you can just post it! No need for elaborate falls and a wicked scrape on your chin. If anything that nasty scrape detracts from what would otherwise be a sweet booger-cam picture.

BTW, you ARE hardcore, I'm glad to have another excuse not to run, and i'm glad that i've never agreed to run outside. it's dangerous out there.

erin said...

well, yes, i will admit it's always fun to post a picture of my nostrils. but we all know that if i wanted a serious nostril shot, i would have posted a pic of c's schnoz! that boy has some seriously large nostrils.