20 April 2007

Flashback Friday

My first job in D.C. was much like the one I have now. I sat in a cubicle, worked some, chatted with people at work, and waited until I could go home. Also, everyday I ate my brought-from-home lunch at my desk while reading the Washington Post. One lunch sticks out. I was thoroughly depressed by what I had brought. The yogurt simply didn't excited me as much as it sometimes can. As lunch got closer and closer, I got sadder and sadder. It was just so depressing! But then, right about lunchtime, one of my co-workers stopped by my cubicle asking if I wanted to finish a half of a sandwich he had bought and hadn't touched. Did I?!? Of course I did! It turned into one of the greatest lunches ever.

I'm reminded of that now because I'm amazed at how much of an affect my lunches (and breakfasts for that matter) can have on my mood. This week has been awesome for that! I made some wheat bread on Sunday and C and I have been eating that for breakfast this week. I almost couldn't wait to go to bed just so I could wake up and eat more of it. And then, Wednesday night we made baked oatmeal for dinner and I got to have that for breakfast this morning and I'll get to have the remainder of it for lunch today. Oh my, it's going to be a good day.


emily said...

yes, when i know i have a rich's bagel waiting for me, i'm much happier about the whole day. :) but since i don't have rich's here in montrose i don't have too many "happy bagel days." so sad.

Ambular said...

Working in a cubicle myself, I definitely identify with the lunch time highs or lows. For me, the days I have leftovers from dinner the night before are my favorite, and the days when I have frozen Smart Ones meals are the ones I least look forward to.