02 March 2007

Flashback Friday

I decided to post some things that weren't necessarily current events in an attempt to reconcile my lack of journal writing; here's my first go.

I started running a little more than four years ago. But I'm not sure that many of you know why. Probably you think I was just tired of being overweight, just a few pounds shy of having an "obese" BMI. However, that's not altogether true. I was in my last semester of grad school, planning on making a move back west. I was also hoping to get a job teaching at the university level. Here comes part one of why I started running: The thought of being in front of students in my overweightedness was really not appealing. I didn't want to be the poor, single, stats teacher who was probably poor and single because she was overweight. So I started running and then I wasn't overweight anymore (although I was still poor and single). That part isn't so embarrassing.

What is more embarrassing is part two. I had made plans to do some traveling over the summer (this is why I was poor). One trip would take me to D.C. (where C and I began our amour), one trip to Canada to visit the deported, and another trip to my brother's place in Alaska. Knowing that my brother was constantly surrounded by about a million outdoor boys, and knowing that these millions of outdoor boys are generally quite attractive (nay, I'll say it...HOT), I didn't want to be overweight and out of shape when I was there. I certainly wasn't looking for some summer romance, but I did want to be one of those cute outdoor girls, as much as possible. And I knew there weren't that many girls in Alaska. So I started running. And I haven't stopped since ( but not in the Forrest Gump sense though).

I wish I could say that I started running for health or for some other admirable reason. But nope. Strictly vanity.


chucklas said...

Yet you want me to run for health reasons...so not fair!

emily said...

very good chucklas!

The Crazy Tiltons said...

Hey, I say any reason is good for me. I wish my reason could be because I like it. I too am a vanity girl. That might not be entirely true. The small and short of it is that I like to eat and if you have my body and want to eat, you must also run or you become the chubmeister. I better get running then.
Keep up the journaling!! I'm still going strong on writing mine down every night. There are just some things that I don't think I want the whole world to read - o.k more like 5 people to read.