27 February 2007


I have never been very good at keeping a journal. I found that my entries were just daily logs of what I did on those days, and therefore the entries were not very interesting nor insightful. But since I've been blogging, the blogging has become a record of crazy dreams, fun trips, weird thoughts...things that seem like they belong in a journal. So does this count? Can I just print out these pages and glue them in a journal? I have scrapbooks to document the photos and now words to add to what I was thinking at the time. If we are told to keep journals for our posterity, personally, I'd rather read these types of things as compared to, "What I did today."

The only thing this blog is missing is the history. All the stuff that somehow missed being included in a journal. So maybe I'll start posting some flashbacks into my past. Of course, any one who knows me very well knows that my memory is horrible (thanks, Mom) so we'll have to see how this goes.

And don't forget to check out the recipe for apple cider that I posted earlier this week. The recipes seem to be another record of who I am and how I'm changing. Check next week for a new indian recipe that C and I are trying tomorrow.

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Deanna (D) said...

I have convinced myself that our blog is my journal and our family history. I've always been horrible at writing in a journal and I, too, would much rather read the blog than a traditional journal. I think we are going to just print and bind our blog yearly as a nice family record. There are a lot of online places to do it for cheap too.