03 August 2006

The Last Birthday I'll Ever Have

Today I turn 29. (And no, this is not a cheap way to fish for happy birthday wishes.) I am really excited for a couple of reasons. First, I've noticed that the ages that have been odd (like 21, 25) have been better than the even-aged years (like 20). I have no idea why this is, but it is. So hooray for the return of an odd-numbered age! Second, 29 is a really easy age to remember. As a kid I never understood how adults could not remember how old they were; yet I have turned into one of those adults. Hopefully this age will remedy that. Third, honestly, who can NOT love a birthday? I hear from family and friends, get new things, and eat whatever I want simply because I can. Bring on the hot tamales!


emily said...

why did you entitle it, "the last birthday i'll ever have"?

erin said...

because next year i'll still be 29 and the next year i'll be 29, etc.