21 August 2006

15 Minutes of Fame

I am not sure why it is that I feel it necessary to expose myself in all types of media in the most recent years. I have been in the Washington Post (see here and here), on FOX News, in the Salt Lake Tribune, as well as on National Public Radio and a short un-named mention on Salt Lake's own X-96. Why do I do this to myself?! Granted, some of these were due to Lori, but the Post appearances, NPR, and X-96 were simply me being me. But I still can't figure out why I do this. The first possible reason I do this is that it's my attempt at being involved in my community. I like expressing opinions and using resources to get answers to questions. Another possible reason is that it's just me trying to learn about how things are done. (For example, did you know that Car Talk is not live on Saturday mornings? In fact, they tape their shows in advance in order to do some editing. Also did you know that if you send a letter to the editor that is most-likely going to be published in the "Free for All" opinion section of the Post, you'll need to be extremely witty or else they'll make you extremely witty by editing almost everything you originally wrote?!) I guess I also must propose a third possible reason, which is maybe I'm just searching for my 15 minutes of fame. But if that weren't true, you'd think I'd stop. But alas, I'm addicted. Keep watching out for my name. Some day it might appear somewhere you'll actually see it.

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erin said...

i forgot to mention my addition to the Washington Post Online Chats. i love reading them and posing questions (again, using those local resources!). in fact, i've even won two books from them. lovely.