07 October 2008

Helpful Household Tip # 4

How many of us could eat an entire bag of Oreos at one sitting? Me, me! How many of us would probably feel sick (and even guilty) about eating that entire bag of Oreos at one sitting? Me, me! And probably everyone else, unless you're Michael Phelps. But how many of us would do it again a couple of months later? Me, me!

Chuck and I learned very early in our marriage that if we wanted to make the bags of Oreos, Goldfish, Cheez-its (or whatever snacky yumminess) last longer than one day, we needed to portion them. As each bag is labeled with a serving size, we take the treats and bag them into little Ziploc snack-sized baggies as soon as we get home from the grocery store. These bags are then put into the pantry, ready for lunches or a quick afternoon snack.

So if we want Oreos, we just grab a little bag of three. If we want pretzels, we just grab a little bag of 30 grams. If we want six snickerdoodles, well, we grab two little bags. (But we know that if the snickerdoodles were not bagged, we'd easily pack away a dozen. Easily. And remember, one erin-sized cookie is approximately two normal-sized cookies, so it's all good.)

This helped us realize exactly how much snacks we were consuming, but also helped make them last. It's amazing how satisfied we can be with 52 Goldfish crackers.


Niederfam said...

GENIUS, and do you use the "snack" size ziplock or the sandwich sized ones??? Just curious. ;)

I need to do this with the bag of candy corns I just got!!!

Erin said...

totally snack size baggies. and embarrassingly enough, we actually use a kitchen scale.

and yes, i'm feeling that same thing with the candy corns. they're just so good and buttery.

Tamara said...

I have been known to eat one to many Oreo's in my day.

Nicole said...

wow, great tip! if only i wasn't too lazy to put each one in a little baggie!

Living in Tally said...

holy funny! I just waste money and buy the snack sized bags. I really could save a bundle if I used your tips...maybe I'll start.