12 September 2008

More Posts Than You Wanted, I'm Sure

I don't know how my plethora of readers actually read my blog. Do you do it by an RSS? Google blog reader? Or just type in the URL? It really doesn't matter since I'm not sure how each of the different ways would address what I just did. What did I just do? I moved all of my sewing projects from my "Made by e" blog to here. I kept the same dates of original publication and labeled them all "crafting." I just thought that since making things is a big part of my life, it should be with the rest of me. So if you want to see my (re)creations, then scroll down a bit and click on the "crafting" label on the right side. Otherwise, stay tuned for what I'll crank out next!


Melissa said...

I subscribe to your blog thanks to Google Reader, and I love seeing all your awesome projects.

Funny about Meredith. Of course, I was mostly joking--I wouldn't even recognize her on the street these days. I couldn't remember anything about her family, but my mom seems to think that matches the description. High-larious.

Melissa said...

Were the parents named Bob & Cheryl?