22 September 2008

More Home Improvement Projects

1. Although it doesn't look that exciting, Chuck changed the side on which the hinges were placed on this cabinet door. Initially, the door opened to the window--not the most convenient. But one Saturday morning he surprised me by doing this!

2. My mom gave me this cute three-picture frame for my birthday. I love it. And after the surprisingly good results from our family pictures, I knew what would fill them. In the middle is a custom word cloud made from this site.

3. Rhett's bookcase was initially just plain brown wood. But then I painted it (and some of our brick backyard patio--oops) white!

4. I obtained some new, some old pictures of family and then made them black and white. I then had them printed and now they are sitting on the piano.

5. To match the curtains, I ordered one yard of this fabric and staple gunned it to artist canvas. I'm super pleased with the result!

Next on the list: painting the master bedroom. If I agree to Chipotle for Chuck's lunch for one week, then it will likely be a shade of purple!


Niederfam said...

I'm LOVING the "improvements" nicely done. AND......what a great idea with the canvas and fabric!!! GENIUS!!!!

emily said...

wow, everything turned out perfectly. seriously, it all looks great. i love the canvas and don't think it's too big or anything. perfect. love it, love it. now i want to do some stuff for my home!

Nicole said...

Lovin it all! That word clud thing is so cool! I've never heard of it, but love it!!

Tamara said...

Your place looks great, I need your help on mine.