28 September 2008

I Was Saltier than a Sailor

Yesterday at 4:20 p.m., I finished my third leg (and the entire race) of my Ragnar Relay. The experience was awesome. Although I knew only one other runner (who wasn't even in my van), I had a great time. Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, it was the farthest I've ever run (18.6 miles) in the span of 17 hours, but I did it and am dang proud (see the picture to get an idea of just how proud). Even Chuck said that if I do it again he'd do it with me.

The easiest thing about it: The passing of time. Initially I thought there would be tons of down time and whatever would I do with it all?! But really, after you drop off your runner, get to the next exchange point, stretch, eat, change clothes, use the port-a-potty, whatever...it's almost time to run again. And even when your van isn't running, you're trying to sleep or you're talking to other runners. Fun times.

The hardest thing about it: Not sleeping. For someone who is pretty good about getting 7.5-8 hours of sleep a night (yes, even with a six-month old), that was really hard.

I learned some things about running and myself. I'd even do it again.

(You can read about the technical details and see the one good team picture here.)


Camie said...

I think you are amazing. I wanted to come meet you guys at the finish line, but I didn't get my chores done in time. Congratulations!

emily said...

way to go sis! i want to do one now, too. you're amazing - and all this accomplished 6 months post-partum. even more impressive. wahoo, wish i could have been there cheering you on.

Sandra said...

Wow Erin!!! Congratulations! We just got internet in our house today, so it's nice to finally be connected to the world once again.

holly said...

way to go! I am so impressed. :D

Nicole said...

Nice work! I thought my dad was the only crazy one to do relays like this ;) he he.

Niederfam said...

I know, I would have LOVED to be a part of the cheering section. That's AWESOME. Good for you!!!