05 September 2008

Helpful Household Tip # 2

One fear I have is my house burning down/flooding/being destroyed by falling airplane parts...you get the picture. I know we're not supposed to be materialistic. But I'll admit it: I really like my stuff.

This is where the insurance companies say, "Well that's why you have us!" Thankfully, yes, we have homeowners' insurance, but that would do me no good after the trauma of one of the above events. There's no way that I would be able to accurately document my entire household contents during the upheaval that a disaster would cause. Nor do I have time to go around and create a list of everything in the house now. So what to do?

Take a picture! Take lots of pictures! Instead of listing on paper every DVD you own, just snap a picture of the DVD shelf and voila! You'll be able to tell the insurance company that they must replace that prized copy of "Cabin Boy." (Thanks, Angie, for that treasure.) In this age of digital cameras, cataloging your house is now totally possible and, even better, undaunting.

The final, but really really important part, is then to email these pictures to yourself. Or put them on a CD and mail them to family or friends. But do not just keep them on your computer in case of fires/floods/falling toilets. (Uhh..what?! I wrote this a couple of days ago and have no idea why I wrote "falling toilets." But thought I'd leave it in anyways.)

Given the forecast for the East Coast this weekend (Hurricane Hanna), I'll have plenty of inside time to do this. And good reason.


emily said...

ohhhh, that is a really good idea. good thinking and have fun this weekend!

falling toilets? perhaps a little tired? or are you already losing you brain cells - kids do that to you.

Niederfam said...

TRUE TRUE.....can I take pictures in other's peoples homes and claim their possessions as my own??? Thou shalt NOT covet!!! ;)

Sandra said...

Excellent tip! Falling toilets... that's funny. I guess it could qualify as a falling airplane part.

i {heart} hawkes said...

i'm very pleased to learn that cabin boy is still within your collection! i can't think of another time that i ever laughed so much than we did that night. granted it was like 2:00 am but really those were some good times eh?