22 June 2008

The Only Spam I've Ever Enjoyed

I keep getting a spam message in my gmail with the greatest subject line ever:

"What an ugly face you have here erin"

Wow. Talk about enticing me to read spam.


Melissa said...

How funny, Erin -- I get the same ones! (Except mine have my name, of course.) Is that supposed to make us want to open it? Actually, if it weren't so obviously spam, I might be tempted.

Sandra said...

oh my gosh, that's too funny. I haven't seen those yet. That would surely get my attention :o)

Glenda said...

Well, obviously, they've never seen or known you, so you don't have to open it :-).

Still, I'm with Melissa, WHY would that subject line incent anyone to open it (other than, perhaps, anger & curiousity)?

A psychologist or sociologist could have a field day on figuring out what types of people & demographics tend to open those. HMMM. It sort of makes me curious, really. Wouldn't that be interesting research?

emily said...

too funny. i love it.

Anonymous said...

I just read Natalie's blog. On there you offer to do her stats. I'm also in the Master's Program. Is that offer good for all cousins or just your favorites (I must be ahead of Nat).