02 April 2008

My Heart Grew Three Sizes that Day

On March 21st my heart grew exponentially in its capacity to love. Yes, part of that growth was for little Rhett. But most of it? For Chuck. No one told me that this would happen.

I think most people wanted to tell me that I was crazy for not having anyone come help me with the new baby. My mom and dad aren't coming out until the first week of May, and my sis was unable to be here. A friend offered to come, but I told her to wait. But this is just how I wanted it: Chuck and me getting used to the new baby together. (Besides, I didn't want anyone privy to my anticipated post-birth craziness.)

And I don't regret that decision one bit. We are lucky that Chuck's mom is a NICU nurse, so any health questions are run by her (as well as by the very knowledgeable sisters and sisters-in-law). We are lucky that ward members helped out with food. We are lucky that the first day of Chuck's spring break was the day Rhett was born, giving Chuck until this past Monday before he had to go back to work. And we're lucky that Chuck has enough sick leave to be able to ease back into going to work.

But I am soooo lucky that I have Chuck to do this with. I am lucky that he knows me so well to know how to handle me. He knows what is important to me (getting the paper read) and what isn't (showering). He knows how to handle my cry-dreams (we left the baby in a crib in a hotel room only to return to a charred baby). He knows how to make me laugh. He knows what to do when I'm crying. I feel so incredibly lucky to have him with me to share this experience. I feel like we have become so much closer during these past 12 days, and I was not prepared for this at all. One of the best things about this closeness is that now that I'm not pregnant, cuddling on the couch returns! All of this has just reinforced to me that marrying him was the smartest thing I've ever done.

(I couldn't resist posting these as well.)


emily said...

ohhhhhh, isn't that just sweet. i'm so glad you feel that way. i'm glad you married chuck, too - he sounds just right for you. and for everett, too. you guys make a very good threesome.

LOVE the pictures. dang, he is just way too cute. it's no longer a 2-way-tie for Cutest Boy Ever - it's a 3-way-tie now.

Gretchen said...

Ok, you seriously made me cry! You two, I mean THREE!, are really adorable! It was so great seeing you all on Saturday.

Maybe I should rethink this whole not getting married thing ... you make it seem like a pretty good idea.

Love you guys!
(oh and PS - the babe is just too cute for words. that is all.)

d&a said...

just adorable, i want to eat him up! i remember when you described when he was first born saying that he looked like, well just a baby. but he has distinct features that make him unique. he is fantastic and more than just a baby. he is your baby, made up of pieces of both you and C.

Camie said...

Crying my eyes out over here, which makes it two days in a row. Did you see the biggest loser yesterday? You guys are so great! And I'm so glad you posted new pics of the baby, he really is the cutest.

itsmeemily said...

Congratulations Erin!! That really is so exciting and so fun! Little Rhett is adorable and im glad to hear that both you and Chuck are doing well. He sounds like a great Dad, as im sure you are an amazing Mom. I also agree that showering isnt important. Maybe its a Galbraith thing?

Living in Tally said...

What a sweet post. Way to go Chuck. I always knew he would make a good husband--because he is a great brother. Glad you found each other! Love you guys! And Everett is the cutest little thing ever! His eyes are amazing!

Tamara said...

I agree with needing that alone time with your husband. I was really sick a couple years ago and Doug and I have never been closer then when he was taking care of me. Adorable pictures.

Lisa said...

He's adorable! Rhett's pretty darn cute also!

Niederfam said...

AHHH.....that is VERY sweet. And I could have told you that part, but sometimes people don't have that same reaction, so you never know! ;) And little Rhett is TOO cute, and WIDE EYED, I can't get over that part, I say something about it EVERY time. You forget how little and precious they are. I'm so glad things are getting back to "normal"...:)

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

Very cute baby, We will have to
try to see him when we come out
in June. Way to go Chuck. We saw
Erin at your Wedding sounds like
you got a good wife and now new
beautiful baby boy. Life is great.
hugs to all of you.
John and Vicky Larsen
you are lucky to have your mom
be a nicu nurse and care so much
for you. She sure helped me last
week when I was there due to my
mom having a heart attack.

The Thomson Trio said...

Chuckles...he sure is a cute kid! Love the pics. Looks like you guys are enjoying every second of it. And yes, the first couple weeks are pretty tough! But before you know it, he'll be having his first birthday (like my daughter today)! Good luck...ttyl.

holly said...

love your insights into the practical side of things. I'm with ya on choosing the paper over the shower. nothing like having someone who understands you so well. :)