22 February 2008

Mr. Mullet's Final Update

Hopefully this will be the last of the sorta-monthly updates as hopefully one month from now, he'll be with us. This picture is taken at week 36. (Tomorrow I'll be 37 weeks--no pre-term baby for me! Although if I could guarantee that he'd be born healthy, I'd deliver him today.)

How are things going? I think the theme is basically this: I'm tired.
  • I'm tired of people telling me, "Wow, you've sure popped." Whatever this means. I'm short, people. The uterus has nowhere to go but out. (I'm also tired of people who weigh 200 pounds telling me that women in their families don't start showing until about month six or seven. HELLO!? That's because there are more places for that baby to hide for those six or seven months!)
  • I'm tired of the constant pressure my uterus exerts on my chest. This area is perpetually numb.
  • I'm tired of Mr. Mullet thinking he can stand in utero. He tries.
  • I'm tired of maternity clothes. The other day I made the mistake of opening a non-prego-clothes drawer and nearly cried. I just want to wear regular people clothes.
  • I'm tired of my belly hitting the steering wheel. And don't tell me to move back the seat; if I do, my legs won't reach the pedals.
  • I'm tired of pregnancy-induced acne.
  • I'm tired of being unproductive, but too tired to do anything about it.
  • I'm tired of working. I realize I have only six days of actual work (dang them for not cancelling today), but it's still not easy. Sitting for eight hours is the hardest part of my day.
  • I'm tired of pregnancy cliches. Yes, I'm trying to get all the sleep I can now because yes, I realize I won't have that luxury in a few weeks. Yes, I realize it will change my life. Blah blah blah. What do I want you to say? Nothing. Just give me candy.
  • I'm tired of not running. The elliptical is great, but I just want to run.

Given that I had a really really easy first 34 weeks of pregnancy, I shouldn't complain as much as I just did. So anything good happening? Actually yes. I can sleep really well. In fact, that's when I feel the best because I'm able to stretch my body to probably 63 inches long (that's an increase of 2 inches!). Also, we're done with our baby classes and feel like we're as ready as we're going to be. At all three of my baby showers (one in Utah, one given by church people here, and one at work), people were extremely generous and gave us some really great stuff. For now, we're just counting down the days.

(Oh yeah, I have been doing some sewing. I'm really pleased with my newest set of aprons. Check them out here.)


Living in Tally said...

cute stuff on etsy!

i have to say i totally agree with the cliche things. i hated hearing all that crap with every pregnancy. as if the extra sleep now is going to help you feel any better when you are tired beyond tired...i suppose you can try and be 'grateful' for it.

emily said...

you look fantastic.

Felicia said...

Sending positive thoughts your way :)

d&a said...

i think you look pretty good...here's to wishing you a short labor.

Tamara said...

You do look great. Don't worry, that baby will be here soon enough, then you will forget everything that you hate right now, and in about two years you will do it all over again. I wish that I was so miserable:) Can't wait to see the little guy. Angela just had her third.

Alyssa said...

Well, I think you look great! I can't believe that you only have 3 weeks to go. Wow!

Niederfam said...

BEAUTIFUL, and just wait, you thought you were tired now, it only gets BETTER!!! ;) But the great thing is he's here then, and it's SOOOOOO worth the wait, and the weight!!! he he he.....:) Can't wait to SEE him. Hang in there.

Nicole said...

I hear ya! It seems people think when you're prego you must not look in the mirror! Of course I know what I look like, thanks for letting me know!!!

holly said...

here's something to make you laugh: make a belly cast so you'll never forget these precious nine months...

hang in there!