08 February 2008

Labor Question # 1

As the first person in our birth class just gave birth, C and I now realize that the same thing could happen to us at any time. (Although, at only 35 weeks, I won't count on it happening too soon.) The new dad visited our class Monday night and laughed that they had planned on putting together the labor bag Sunday, but as the contractions started Saturday, well, they were a little too late.

So C and I decided that we'd get started on this task soon. The question is: Other than the usually recommended things, does anyone have any suggestions of things that they LOVED having at the hospital, either pre-birth or post? Don't worry, this little guy is already on the list.


Ruth & Ryan said...

Two things I found to be really important are:
#1: Lip Balm for during and after
#2: Lanolin for after
#3: Lotion for both during and after

Ok, so it turned out to be three things but I remembered the lotion after I started!

d&a said...

a lap top (if your hospital has a free wireless connection) and don't forget a cell phone charger! i ended up staying a couple days longer than planned and had to send d home for the extra items.

emily said...

i'll have to think about how it was with miles. with the other 2 kids all i wanted there was ben. :) and he wasn't able to stay all that much or often since we had other kids at home to take care of. so some great family babysitters would have come in handy.

hmmm, something you'll want? i always thought it would be nice to have my favorite songs to listen to while in labor - can you bring your IPOD, or whatever that thing is called?

linda said...

I have thought about this one off and on all day and it finally came to me. With my first two hospital stays I wore the hospital gowns---not good.

My favorite item was my own nursing nightgown and bathrobe. (Also remember a nursing bra and nursing pads for when you get home so C won't have to run to the store). I got my gown and robe set at motherhood. They were light weight and soooo worth it. Don't get pants because dr's and nurses are in and out checking you all the time. I loved having my own clothes to wear and I threw the robe on when visitors came, or when I went walking down the halls.

Megan said...

So the thing I just love, is something you will get at the hospital. Greg hates me talking about this, but I have to say the drugs they give you for the pain are THE BEST!! Lest you think I may be an addict, I have yet to finish the bottle of Vicadin from either birth. There is just something about it that makes you feel warm, calms your nerves, and makes everything "happier". They are nice to have not only for the obvious pain, but nursing can REALLY hurt - I'm talking from fresh experience here - so it's nice to take the edge off if you can.
One other thing - your toothbrush. I was in labor for 16 hours with my first and Greg said my breath really was bad. I made him swear to let me know if that was true on this one because I would brush my teeth half way through. I didn't have to worry about that this time though since it all went so fast. I was prepared however.
Lastly, remember to enjoy the whole experience. I love giving birth. It is very painful but it is such an amazing thing that our bodies can do. So remember to ENJOY IT!!!!

Nicole said...

Hmm, I would have to say that I was really glad I had my red vines with me!! Ha ha, that sounds funny, but you are so hungry! They bring you in the hospital meals of course, but there is always room for treats! So bring some of your favorite snacks. Make sure to eat before you get to the hospital cuz once you're in, you ain't eatin nothing til the baby's out! And that can be a long time!!!

Hip Mama Crafts said...

I don't really remember what I wanted most because both of my children came at 36 weeks. Actually on the same day in both. I do know that with my 1st, I hadn't even taken a birth class and my friend gave me her workbook one afternoon and he came the next morning... I think she jinx'd me!
The most important thing I think is the camera! :)