15 January 2008

Another Update on Mr. Mullet

As the last update was one month ago (when I was 6 months), I thought another (now at 7) would be appropriate.

Things continue to roll along smoothly. Honestly, if not for this completely unfamiliar body, I would forget that I was pregnant most of the time. Still no complications nor sickness, and the fatigue from the first trimester hasn't returned. My pregnancy-induced acne has even started to abate. Believe me, I know how lucky I am because I've seen in some friends how bad it can be.

That doesn't mean that I'm totally enjoying this, however. Just like I knew I wouldn't like being a fiancee, I don't relish being an expectant mother. But it too will pass.

Concerning a name, well, we're closer. I sat C down the other night and made us come to a decision. I felt so bad for this little fetus; being called Mr. Mullet can't be good for anyone's self esteem. We picked one from our list that we both like and we're currently "trying it on for size." We talk to the baby using this name and refer to him with it. If we still like it in 8 weeks, you'll know what it is.

As far as we know, he continues to grow and is healthy. How they can know so much from barely-distinguishable ultrasounds and one little heartbeat is beyond me, but the medical staff seem to believe themselves. From these funny weekly emails I get, I know he's about 16 inches long and weighs slightly more than 3 pounds (about four navel oranges). From the hourly kicks I get, I'd believe he was 13 pounds if they told me that.

His room is really full. Poor baby has to share it, so the storage situation is really tight; I'm still not sure how it's going to come together. We have pretty much most of what we (think) we'll need. What's left is
here. Note: registering for baby gifts was not my idea, but that of a former roommate.

We started our baby class last night. I think it's going to be really good for both of us as it will make us less likely to go into freak out mode when contractions begin. One good idea the instructor had is to have some projects for the "early labor" stage. Since we're not expected to go to the hospital then, she suggested having things to do at home. Items on our "early labor to-do list:" bake bread, walk Bruno and deliver him to the baby sitter's house, and pluck C's eyebrows. After the super-close-ups of last night, I knew there was no way I could go through labor with his unibrow.

Other than that, we're just counting down the weeks and taking all of your advice about living it up! Last weekend: house hunting. This weekend: a trip to Eastern Market!


Mr. Mullet:


Camie said...

I'm getting so excited!

emily said...

such a fun update.

having something to do is a great idea! i finished up ben's quilt (all the pieces came from you, remember?) during miles' labor, i finished up some christmas stockings during jonas' labor, and emmy - we'll she just came too fast that i just had time to realize i was in labor, walk my block a few times, go to the hospital, and push her out.

fun for you. i am way, way, excited.

Todd said...

Yes Erin, it will iterally pass.