19 November 2007

Perfect Weekends

Sometimes things just come together and go as well as planned. Two weekends ago, I had one of those times. It was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.

Friday night C had to chaperone a football game at his high school. While he was gone, I took the opportunity of the rainy night to just sit on the couch and do nothing. Well, close to nothing. My sis decided that she wanted to start digital scrapbooking. For her birthday this past March, I bought her a copy of Photoshop Elements, apparently an easy program to use to do the digi-scrapping. But for some reason (two little boys and a very little girl, most likely) she has little time to devote to learning a new program. So I told her I'd learn it, and pass on my wisdom to her when we meet over Christmas. Therefore, Friday night was spent introducing myself to PE. And now I'm hooked. I'm throwing out all my old scrapbooking stuff and will focus strictly on the digi side of it. I'm excited.

Saturday morning C and I went to our newly-reopened Giant. It's awesome. It's bigger. It's brighter. It has a "deli" instead of a "delly." We love it. After grocery shopping, we spent nearly five hours with C's mom prepping her basement for her Thanksgiving visitors. Some of you know that one of my all-time desired jobs is to be the host of "Clean Sweep" and that's basically what I got to do. It was awesome. The basement is not only cleaned, but organized and now fully habitable. I was just so proud of the work that all of us put in. It was just so satisfying. But exhausting. We went home and ordered pizza, which we never do.

Sunday morning I decided that I better use some of the fresh raspberries we got on sale the day before. I found a recipe for basic muffins and folded in said raspberries and topped with an orange peel-powdered sugar glaze. YUM. Then we took Bruno to Roosevelt Island, as it was simply too beautiful to stay inside. We came home and relaxed and watch the very sad Redskins lose a very sad game. It's hard to be a Redskins fan. (I'm starting to become a Colts fan. That Peyton Manning, his commercials just crack me up.) I worked on a few projects (some Christmas so they'll have to remain a surprise) while C cried over the loss (not really).

And then Monday. Ahhh, federal holidays. Given it was such a special day (ultrasound day!) for us, I wanted to make it memorable. We started the day with a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal. Totally yum. Read the paper, watched some Today show. Then we left for our super-early movie. We saw "Lars and the Real Girl." HILARIOUS. I highly recommend it. Then we went to lunch and had Mexican food. (Notice how awesomely I ate this weekend?! I certainly did.) Then we had enough time to go home and get Bruno walked. Then we trekked back to the doctor's office for the ultrasound. Mr. Mullet was (1) healthy as far as they can see from ultrasounds, (2) ALONE in the womb, and (3) fully cooperating with us to let us see his gender. Ergo...it was perfect. We went home and enjoyed our Monday night.

Three days of perfection. When can I do it again?


Rachael said...

So... last weekend didn't count as one of your "perfect" weekends? We did buy you bagels, and we could have ordered pizza.

emily said...

sounds really, really good.

Megan said...

Can you teach me photoshop too. I really want to get into the digital thing. Maybe we could create on online tutorial.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving in the clean and organized basement. You can come to my house next.

erin said...

sorry rach, but any weekend that involves babysitting of any kind, is disqualified from being a perfect weekend.