08 November 2007

It Finally Came!

Isn't it interesting that it took my fall swap package two days to cross the country westward, but four days for Nicole's to go the opposite direction? Maybe not. Regardless, yesterday I received my fall swap package. I am in LOVE with everything she sent! (Note: I am realizing what a horrible photographer I am. I'm sure Nicole will have better pictures than I have, so be sure to check her blog later; I know she was waiting for me to get the package before she posted her own.)

Here's a pic of the entire loot. Again, nothing but love for it all. As I knew that she was a knitter (Crocheter? Is there a difference? Oy, I'm so ignorant in the ways of the two-needle arts.), I was hoping that she would knit something. And boy did she come through. I LOVE hats like this and didn't take it off until bedtime. And when it was 31 degrees when I left for work this morning, you better believe I was decked out in all my new gear. The workmanship is just outstanding, really beautifully done.

And how cute are those fabrics?! LOVE the colors. Now I just have to decide to do with it. Hmmm....so many possibilities. And the cute mason jar lid with the floss, sewing scissors, thread, and needles? So adorable. How did she know I was picking up my old habit of cross-stitching?

Nicole: Thanks soooo much! Everything is truly lovely. What a great way to start my swapping experiences!

Everyone else: Check out Nicole's Etsy shop. Trust me. The girl can knit.


Amber said...

How cute! I seriously want that hat.

emily said...

yah! it looks awesome - you look great in the hat and "muffler." (one of the library books we are currently reading calls the scarf a "muffler." ha.)

seriously great stuff. you both did awesome jobs!

Nicole said...

Yay! I was hoping you would love it. Did the hat fit... I have a huge mega dome and I was scared that it wouldn't fit. Well, I loved you as my swap partner. I love bag and use it everyday.

You're the best!