22 October 2007

Poll Revealed

I found last week's poll picture picture here. According to that article, if you see the picture moving clockwise, you are right-brained and if you see it moving counter-clockwise, you are left-brained.

What a bunch of crap. As all of you who know us know, both C and I are left-brained. Enough so that we each doubt the existence of a right-brain in our skulls. While he has finally learned how to see this woman moving counter-clockwise, I am still completely unable to do so.

It's certainly a cool picture...but a test of brainedness? I don't think so. Thanks for playing.


nckuhn said...

That was it? I have to say that I'm feeling a bit slighted. I expected more. Stupid dancer.

erin said...

sorry to disappoint daniel. i agree, though. she is a stupid dancer.

Amber said...

At first all I could see was her moving clockwise, but after awhile I FINALLY saw her moving counter clockwise. I kind of had to look next to her and let my eyes get out of focus. It was weird though. I'm definitely not right brained so it didn't make sense to me why I saw her moving clock wise.

Living in Tally said...

my favorite line in this post is 'what a bunch of crap.'