09 October 2007

New Greatest Dream Ever

My ability to dream the craziest dreams comes from my mother. If you think my dreams are wacky, spend a few minutes with her and you'll realize how unbizarre mine become.

However, the other night I had one of my funniest dreams. But first the preface: recently, a friend of mine related her dream to me. In her dream, she was making out with a B-list celebrity, and enjoying it quite a lot. Upon awakening, she didn't feel that she could share this dream with her husband, so instead, she shared it with me.

Now my dream: I actually had a dream within a dream. So the dream-within-the-dream was that I was making out with Will Smith. (C and I had recently seen an episode of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," and I had commented on how pleased I was with the actor he grew up to be.) I enjoyed this making out so much that when I "woke" from my dream-within-the-dream, I started becoming amorous with C. Thinking he could handle the competition of Will Smith, I told him. This was not wise. He thought I was only enjoying him because I was coming off a "Will high." Of course this wasn't true, but I couldn't convince him otherwise. In the next scene of the dream, C and I are running with Bruno (running with Bruno, now that's funny). We start talking about my dream and C is getting even angrier. I can't understand why a dream would make him so angry, but it did. He eventually runs off ahead of me, yelling things like "Screw you!" and other like mean-things. I, of course, am left bawling with Bruno wondering what I am going to do--my husband just left me. (I will note that in the dream I did flip him off as he's running away. That kinda felt good.)

So what happens? I wake up bawling, of course! C does a good job comforting and consoling me. When I am finally composed enough to talk about it, I just start laughing. I realize the hilarity of it, but I was laughing through tears for sure.


Megan said...

So what was C's reaction to the dream in real life?

erin said...

oooh, good question megan. he knows how crazy my dreams can be and also knows that we had just seen will smith on the TV. i think he would have found it more entertaining had i not woken up crying.

Niederfam said...

OH I gotta start to do this, I KNOW first hand that dreams can be QUITE convincing.....Thanks for the laugh!!!

emily said...

love it. i don't know - your dreams are becoming just as weird as mom's! haha.