06 September 2007

28 Reasons to Love a Certain 28-Year Old

1. He cleans the snow off my car even when his school is cancelled and he doesn’t have to get up.
2. He rations my Hot Tamales for me, but knows when I really need more than my rationed share.
3. He helps me count and organize 500 pennies for a class that isn’t even his.
4. He steals candy from his work meetings to bring them home to me because he knows how much I love sugar.
5. He loves chunky peanut butter and nuts in his banana bread.
6. Even if it’s only when I’m out of town, he remembers to pull the shower curtain closed after use.
7. He’ll go swimming with me so that I don’t feel like a moron doing my water-running.
8. When he pulls off his shirts at night, they are inside-out. They are then washed this way. BUT he doesn't fix them before he puts them on. He just has this magic way of taking an inside-out shirt and putting it on directly. I love watching this process.
9. He’ll let me have the remaining two servings of baked oatmeal for my breakfast and lunch, in the same day. Even if it means he gets none of the leftovers at all.
10. He’ll eat bagels for lunch six days out of seven just because we got them free and I didn’t want to waste them.
11. He’s totally committed to Bruno and wants to be a good dog-dad, and he is!
12. He’s willing to do the daily dog brushing. He understands that I am too traumatized from Thor’s hair to do this.
13. He knows when I’m sad enough to merit a back rub from the happy wood man. (You know, the little massager with the head and four legs with a face painted on it?? Ooooh, I do love the happy wood man.)
14. He helps me (either physically or emotionally) so much in the kitchen.
15. He is willing to transform into his alter-ego, “Tall-ee,” when I need something from on high in the kitchen.
16. He gets up in the middle of the night to take Bruno outside.
17. He gets up in the middle of the night to clean up Bruno’s puke.
18. Since he had never before seen “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” he let me sing to him the entire show. I’m not sure who benefited more.
19. He cleans up after dinner parties. And I’m talking a HUGE clean-up. The kitchen was a disaster.
20. Did I already mention that he cleans up dog puke? Even hours-old dog puke? Cause he does.
21. He’ll watch “What Not to Wear” with me even if it means he’s missing “SportsCenter.” (However, now that we’re without cable, we’re both missing our shows.)
22. He’s okay with having just cereal for dinner.
23. He offers to help me with my sewing projects, and doesn't renege when I say "okay."
24. He is very good at looking at all sides of an issue and thinking about things before acting on them.
25. He calls football (any sport for that matter) plays before the announcers do. It is eerie how accurate he is at this.
26. He tickles my back every Sunday immediately following the passing of the sacrament.
27. He is willing to share household responsibilities, 50/50 except for the bathroom where he does it 100%.
28. He loves me despite all my crazy ways! (This one alone is enough to love him back.)


Rachael said...

Yeaaaaa Chucklas! Happy birthday! Wow, Erin he really is nice to you.

Camie said...

You guys a super cute. Happy Birthday Chucklas!

Camie said...

*are super cute

Ruth & Ryan said...

Sweet. Isn't it the little things that really make life sweet?

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday!! Hooray for Chucklas!

holly said...

awh, what a sweet list! happy birthday to C!

emily said...

awwwwww, so precious. i'm glad chuck is good to ya - he better be! :)

tell chuck thanks for being a great husband to my sister - and wish him a big happy birthday.

emily said...

p.s. even if the frosting doesn't taste great, the cake looks awesome!

linda said...

Yeah! Glad to hear he is turning out okay thanks to a great wife! Happy Birthday little brother!

Niederfam said...

Tell C I say Happy Birthday, and then try to remind him who I am...:) Fun list, and WOW- post sacrament back tickling, and 100% bathroom you totally scored, I'm sure for more than just the 28 reasons!!

erin said...

um yeah, i didn't make this cake. it's just a fake cake.

nckuhn said...

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