30 July 2007

Man's Best Friend

Bruno loves C far more than he loves me. I'm fine with this...really, I am. My sister believes it's because Bruno is a boy and boy dogs seem to love human males more than they love human females. Whatever the reason, I know this to be true with Bruno. When C was recently out-of-town for work for three days, Bruno was depressed the entire time. He would position himself so that he was facing the front door, just in case.

And the other night when C had a late night due to a work trip to Hershey Park (his life is hard), Bruno sat in our shoes (which are directly in front of the front door) waiting for C. I'm not sure if this love is cute or pathetic.


Megan said...

O.K., so I solved the problem with accessing your blog. My prob. - not yours.
Anyway, very cute with Bruno. I think that dogs, cats, kids - they really all fit in the same catagory with this one - love "the men" because they are the fun ones. Everyone in my house loves Greg because he is fun. He's not with them all day and he is not the main disciplinarian (?). I have resigned myself to being the "disliked" one and I'm o.k. with that - most of the time.

emily said...

definitely cute.

holly said...

that is cute and sweet. I wonder if the gender thing is the same for cats. I'm not a big cuddle with my cat kind of a gal, but I do like that warm presence and companionship. Matt adores and coddles our cat. BUT the funny thing is Jadie (a girl) always wants to be where I am and sleep on my feet/head, etc. Sometimes she'll even snub Matt for me, even though I'm sending off "get away from my lap" vibes. I don't get it, but maybe it is a gender thing.

that was prob way too much info for a simple comment, but now that I've typed it out, I'm too lazy to edit it. :}

linda said...

evan just wants to know if he was named after the dog in Cinderella?

erin said...

gosh, the dog is named bruno in cinderella? i didn't even realize this. tell little evan that we didn't name him, but it's quite possible that he was!

and i totally have to agree with megan. i have fully accepted that i will not be the parent with whom my kids want to play. they'll play with C, get hurt (because kids do), and then run to me for comfort. then they'll get bored and run back to C for more fun. and i'm totally okay with that.