11 June 2007

What, Exactly, is That Supposed to Mean?

On a recent metro ride, I was reading an article in the Ensign about a woman in Japan, who, with many of her eight sons, was converted to the Gospel. I am always amazed to hear conversion stories of people who come from non-Christian backgrounds, and so I quite enjoyed reading her story. But there was one line in this article to which I took offense (don't worry; I'll not leave the Church over it). Speaking about the eight sons, the author wrote, "Among those converted, one is now serving as a stake president, some are high councilors, and some are bishops." And the author's point is....? The fact that the author said "among those" implies, to me, that there are other sons whose callings were not mentioned. Why? Why not just say that all the converted sons are serving faithfully in their wards?

Aren't we always told that all callings are equal? If that's true, then why do we have to mention only these callings? Why not say, "One is now serving as a stake president, two are high councilors, two are bishops, and one is the assistant scout leader." Or, "...the ward librarian." Or, "...the teacher's quorum advisor." If all converted sons were serving as primary teachers, would their callings even be mentioned?

So does this hierarchy of callings exist in the Church? If you learn that someone you know was called as Elders' Quorum President, would you be more impressed than if that same person was called as a ward missionary? To what extent do you believe righteousness has to do with someone given a particular calling?


linda said...

I have nothing else to say but AMEN erin, AMEN!

A said...

I think that doctrinally, all calling are created equal, but culturally, it's always better to be at the top. To me the Ensign is a big cultural propagator.

Niederfam said...

I have to agree with you. But for what it's worth I now have my DREAM calling as a VTing supervisor, I spend a few minutes on the phone at the end of the month, do my own VTing, and promote it all month, and I'm good to go, who wouldn't want that??? I LOVE IT, and I still get to go to Relief Society!

emily said...

while we should be different from "the world" in many aspects we are not. and this is one of them - how many times have we heard that so-and-so's son is a doctor or lawyer, etc.? versus how many times so-and-so's son is a plumber?

for most ward callings i would call them equally important - and thus those who serve in those callings equally important. like elders' quorum president and the sunbeam teacher.

however, i do hold other callings in higher esteem, i guess. such as stake president, mission president, etc. i don't think these people are necessarily more righteous, but for the most part they are VERY good, faithful, self-sacrificing Latter-Day Saints.

one more thing. :) i do get a little irked at conferences when they list "prominent members" who have died. i just don't like that. list them all or don't list at all.

okay, enough.

lys said...
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lys said...

I have the same issue with mission calls. Someone who served in Kentucky gets fewer "ooohs" and "aaahs" than someone who served in Japan. Just because someone serves outside the U.S. doesn't make them a better person or a superior member of the Church.

I'm not sure why people insist on trying to form hierarchies in the Church!!!!