25 June 2007

Poll Results

On June 8, I posed a question to my readers: how do you rank the following stores (K-mart, Target, and Wal-mart) in order of your preference? Of the 11 votes that I received (who knew I was so popular?!), 10 of them gave first place to Target. This does not surprise me. However, seven of you rated Wal-mart as second place while K-mart received four second-place votes. This completely surprised me. For the worst of the three, K-mart received six votes, Wal-mart three votes, and Target one. Again, surprised.

This poll was born from a conversation between C and me: I say T-K-W and he says W-T-K (from his younger days, but T-W-K as of now). We decided that we ranked them according to our familiarity. Growing up, I never had a Wal-mart close to me and therefore never went there. Target, however, was so exciting that during my undergraduate years, my roommates and I would make Friday night plans to go there. C, on the other hand, grew up going to Wal-mart (therefore the first-place ranking). Don't worry: I have since converted him to the ways of the bulls-eye. Adding to Target's success in this poll, I believe, is the fact that Target has done a much better job of marketing than the other two. But those are just my theories. Feel free to disagree.


Niederfam said...

I KNEW Target would be the winner, and don't worry, I always make and find excuses to go, even with both of my children. I think I go into "withdrawls" of some type, when it's been over a week, and I haven't been to one. :) Thanks for giving us the results.

Megan said...

I think Target won because the store just has a higher class feeling. You know what I mean? The quality just seems better and I really think the reasoning is because the ceiling isn't as high and the lighting is different. There's a different smell too. Everything just seems nicer. Thanks for the results.
Oh - I need your dog training tips - if you have any.

emily said...

i just think target has "cooler, hipper" stuff. i can buy cheap stuff, but nice, for decorating my home at target. i can't wait until october!

for now, though, walmart serves a very good need: cheap groceries.

p.s. and megan, i think you might be right with the ceiling/lighting effect. very true!