18 May 2007

Fun and Flashbacks for Fridays

What do you think? Is this Bruno's long-lost brother? We think so! In fact, this dog lives in our area; we think they should meet! Here's another picture of our little dog.

Also, now that classes are over I've been doing a little sewing. Here are the results. Maybe I should make one for Bruno??

Flashback # 1: With all the fires all over the country, I'm reminded of a time when I lived in Orem. I have always liked to keep my windows open in my house unless the weather dictates otherwise. I awoke sometime during one open-windowed night, and my condo reeked of fire. My initial response was panic as I thought my condo was on fire. After a check of the place revealed no open fires, I realized that the fires going on near "Y" mountain had created smoke (duh) but that the smoke had permeated my entire apartment, as well as entire Utah County. I quickly closed the windows and turned on the air conditioning. It was about a week until the smoke smell was entirely gone. It was really unbelievable how smoky my little place could get.

Flashback # 2: I had a series of awake-mares (basically my irrational fears that are not dreamed) that a homeless man was taking up residence in my spare bathroom in my condo. I came home one day to a closed spare bathroom door, which I usually left open. This sudden closure led to only one possible explanation: someone was in there bathing. And that someone had to be a homeless man. I avoided the back area of my condo until my home teachers came for their next visit and were able to clear the area of the (nonexistent) homeless man. Luckily, I had very faithful home teachers at this time, and although I do not remember how long it was until their next visit, I can be assured it was at most 30 days. Aah, those home teachers. Now there's a post for another day.

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Megan said...

So the vet tech in me has to ask the obvious question - Does Mr. Bruno have all of his teeth? If you haven't already, you may want to take a peek and see. Dental health is very important in our
K-9 friends, so make sure he has regular check-ups. Teeth or no teeth, he is really cute.