15 March 2007

An Educational Weekend

I spent this weekend with my friends RNA. (C thought of that...you know, short for "R and A." And since A is a biochemist, we thought it clever.) R just gave birth to their first child, Isaac. As R's mom wasn't arriving until today (more than a week after the birth), I went down last Saturday to help out the new parents until Grandma could be there. I knew it wouldn't be a pleasure trip. However, it turned out incredibly pleasurable. I really enjoyed spending time with little Isaac. But there were certainly lessons to be learned. First, I learned that I actually like infants! They're easy. Well, easy in that I don't have to worry about entertaining them or playing with them, which has always been hard for me with older children. I didn't even need to make ridiculous faces. Basically you need to keep them fed, well-slept, and clean. That's it. Also, I learned that I like the way they sound. They make these cute little noises. I never knew this before. It was really soothing. And third, I learned that when C and I have kids, I will definitely need someone to help us adjust. This person will need to help me keep my apartment clutter free, be able to cook, be able to take orders without offense, and be able to function with little sleep. I'm currently accepting applications.

Related to this new arrival, I have some new pictures on my Google site. On the "Made by e" page, find some gifts presented to the new baby. On the "What's for Dinner?" page, find my car snack. On the "Family Pictures" page, find some pictures of Isaac.


A said...

I really like RNA, I think that we will have to adopt that. I can't tell you thanks enough for the help this past weekend. R,I,N I miss you already. He keeps asking for godmother e.

Camie said...

I nominate Gretchen for the job.

lys said...

I have to say that I'm really, really impressed by all the projects that you have made! Wow! I love the onesies-- I think the Godfather-esque one is especially hip.

emily said...

i'm so glad things went well on your trip to rna's. maybe there is hope for galbraith cousins someday. :) as for application: short, married, blonde hair, mother of 2 going on 3, clean enough, will cook.

Gretchen said...

LOVED Isaac's Donald hair! That's classic.

If we can work a guaranteed nap clause into the contract, I'll humbly accept Camie's nomination.

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