27 November 2006

The Giving Thanks Post

I realize that Thanksgiving is already over, but it's not too late for me to post those things for which I am grateful. Like my friend Todd, I will forgo the obvious things (God, friends, family). Instead I will post those that may not be that obvious.

  • First, I am grateful for running skirts. I got my first "real one" for my birthday this year and ran the Provo Half Marathon in it. I love it. It's longer than usual running shorts. It doesn't chafe between the thighs because of the spandex shorts. It doesn't ride up my legs. And, of course, it's super cute too.
  • Second, I am grateful to be done with the first year of marriage. When people says it's the hardest of them all, well, let's just pray that's true.
  • Third, I am grateful for the internet. I really don't know how people did things like plan trips, stay in touch with friends, or buy gifts without it. I have really enjoyed keeping this blog (it's much easier than a journal) as well as my other site (which you should really check out at least for the recipes).

Apparently I need to think about this more, but that's fine for now.


Melissa said...

I've seen those running skirts, but I hadn't heard a report from any true believers yet. That sounds extremely tempting. Hmmm.

Todd said...

If only I liked running as much as you like running skirts.

Suzie Petunia said...

Someone gave me a cute running skirt as a gift just as I got pregnant and started gaining weight. I've never worn it! I can't wait until I can. I've run the Provo 1/2 3 times myself!